Monday, August 10, 2009

SPM touches alarming levels in Chandrapur

SPM touches alarming level in Chanda: Report - Nagpur - City - NEWS - The Times of India
NAGPUR: With the suspended particulate matter (SPM) touching alarming levels in Chandrapur, living in this otherwise forest area has made life difficult. Thanks to the Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station, air pollution has once again become a cause of concern for the citizens.

A survey conducted by the Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (MPCB) revealed that last year's SPM levels were far higher than they were in the past. As per figures provided by the MPCB, the SPM levels in Chandrapur last year touched 924 micrograms. Notably, the levels should not be more than 100 micro-grams.

The pollution levels in sensitive areas, which house schools and hospitals, too have surpassed the permissible limit. Rampant industrialisations, apart from fumes emitted by the power station and other industries, is being attributed to the problem. Ahir claimed that in the recent past, over 65% of forest areas in the district have vanished. Starting from Ballarpur to Warora, many jungles have disappeared due to set up of new industries. However, the MPCB has failed to keep check on pollution norms, he alleged.

A senior MPCB officer said 150 mg/Nm3 was the permissible limit for any increase could prove hazardous for health. "Besides power station and new coal mines in and around Chandrapur is responsible for high levels of pollution," said Chandrapur MP Hanshraj Ahir.
Citing examples of violation of pollution norms by CSTPS, Ahir said in 2008 the unit has allegedly exceeded its permissible limits of releasing suspended particulate matter. On March 4, 2008, Unit 2 had exceeded its permissible limits by generating 924 SPM. Similarly, another unit on the same day (March 4, 2008) had recorded 536 SPM. Likewise, over 20 times, the SPM has exceeded over 200 mg/Nm3, said the MP. Ahir said, "This is an issue which needs to be tackled seriously. It's high time that something concrete is done."

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