Friday, August 21, 2009

Gujarat leads India's power drive, adds 2,211 mw in 2 yrs

Sachin Kumar / DNA
Friday, August 7, 2009 9:28 IST

Ahmedabad: Thanks to the proactive and investor-friendly policy of the Gujarat government, the installed power capacity in the state leapfrogged from 8,079 MW in February 2007 to 10,290 MW in June 2009. This 27% rise in power generation capacity is the highest in the county in the past two years.

Between February 2007 and June 2009, the state increased its power generation capacity by 2,211 megawatt, leaving behind even Maharashtra, the largest producer of electricity in the country. Karnataka stood second with an additional 1,854 mw added during the same period while Tamil Nadu grabbed the third spot by adding 1,667 mw to its capacity.

Central Electricity Authority (CEA) data indicate that Gujarat, which ranks third in power generation, had an installed capacity of 8,079 mw in February 2007. This grew to 10,290 mw by June this year. The state sector's contribution to power generation stood at 5,701 mw while the private sector generated 4,591 mw. If the central government's 2,583 mw is taken into consideration, the total installed capacity of the state stands at 12,875 mw.

In June 2009, India had a total installed capacity of 1,50,323 mw, of which a major chunk (around 64%) is thermal power. The contribution of hydro power was 24.6% while the rest came from nuclear and other renewable sources of energy.

Experts give credit to the Gujarat government for the achievement in power sector. "The government had foreseen the enhanced power requirement of the state and had framed investor-friendly policies which attracted investment in private sector," said PK Mishra, chairman of the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission. "The Vibrant Gujarat summit is one of the government's initiatives to woo investors for the power sector."

The state's private sector power producers agree. "The investor-friendly approach of the state government is the main reason why investment in the state's power sector has flown in," said RK Gupta, director, Adani Power Limited.

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