Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiana Group, Mr. Mohammedi, Business Wire India, Press Releases

Tiana Group, Mr. Mohammedi, Business Wire India, Press Releases: ","
................Mr. Mohammedi A Fatehi said Tiana Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. would also be setting up a Thermal Power Plant at Anjarle in Ratnagiri district with an estimated investment of Rs. 6,000 Crores generating 1,500 MW of power. The thermal plant would be spread over 2,500 acres and would be completed within three years, depending on the timely clearances from the government. He said the thermal plant would be utilizing coal as its raw material and might be brought in from Indonesia as its ash percentage is about 13 percent as compared to the 37 to 39 percent from Indian coal.

The third power plant preferably with gas as its raw material would be set up at Dabhol. Investment would be approximately Rs. 9,000 Crores for 2,000 MW. With the three plants in operation, a total of 4,000 MW approximately would be the power generation which would be handed over to the MSEB..........................

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