Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Energy unlimited

Energy unlimited


Coal India has set itself a target of producing 520.5 million tonnes of
coal for 2011-12 and 664 million tonnes for 2016-17.


Drilling the coal face in an underground mine.

COAL India Limited (CIL), a Navratna company headquartered in Kolkata,
is the single largest coal producer in the world. It is also one of the
world's largest corporate employers, with over 4.04 lakh employees. The
CIL, a holding company under the Ministry of Coal, was formed as a
public sector undertaking (PSU) in November 1975 with the mandate to
reorganise nationalised coal mines and ensure integrated development of
the coal sector. The CIL has eight subsidiaries: Eastern Coalfields Ltd
in West Bengal; Bharat Coking Coal Ltd, Central Coalfields Ltd and
Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd in Jharkhand; Northern
Coalfields Ltd in Madhya Pradesh; Western Coalfields Ltd in Maharashtra;
South Eastern Coalfields Ltd in Chhattisgarh and Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd
in Orissa. The mines of North Eastern Coalfields in Assam and Meghalaya
operate directly under it. The CIL operates in 81 areas and 473 mines
spread over eight States. Its products include raw coal (coking and
non-coking), washed coal, middlings, soft coke and hard coke, coal tar,
coal gas and coal chemicals.

As the CIL turns 34 this year, it has adopted a multi-pronged strategy
to make itself globally competitive by introducing state-of-the-art high
technology and building capacity that encompasses different facets of
the industry such as equipment utilisation, manpower deployment,
introduction of modern management tools in marketing and human resources

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