Sunday, March 2, 2008

168 power projects cleared in 3 years

Environmental clearnace givrn to 168 power projects

01 March 2008

168 power projects have been accorded environmental clearance during the last three years. This includes 128 thermal power projects, 39 hydroelectric projects and 1 nuclear power project.

As of 15th February, 2008, 43 power projects are pending for environmental clearance, which include 37 thermal power projects, five hydroelectric projects and one nuclear power project. To facilitate early decision on these projects, their status is monitored continuously.

The environment impact assessment (EIA) notification, 2006, provides for appraisal of the impact that a project will have on the environment. This is done through EIA reports submitted by the project proponents and assessed by the multi-disciplinary expert appraisal committees constituted by the ministry of environment and forests.

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